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The Ultimate Wireless Frequency List

Olle Sjostrom

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OK everyone. I'm off work and I have nothing to do but to read this board. And there's an epidemic of "What frequencies to use in......." -threads so I figured; why not make a Google Document Spreadsheet that ilsts all of these "OK" frequencies to use in different countries?

We are legion on here, from all over the world so acquiring the info from locals wouldn't be that hard. 


Let's give it a try at least. 


This is the link for it. I contributed with Sweden. 




Anyone can edit or add information.

You don't need a google account to edit

If anyone has a better idea than a spreadsheet (i don't know how to make a wiki... ) that'd be great. I thought this would be a start. 

And if such a document or wiki or database already exists, please ignore.



Richard Thomas posted a link to this website, it lists information for European countries with users input..

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Submitted for the USA. FCC Part 74 license is the legal way to operate. The 944 block is not covered under a part 74 license. Broadcasters such as NBC, ABC, CBS, etc can purchase and operate on 944.


I got a great idea for a cartoon gag: two guys wearing striped uniforms are in prison. First guy says, "what're you in for?" Second guy says, "murder, rape, arson, and rape." He pauses and then asks the first guy, "so what're you in for?" And the guy answers, "I used a block 944 wireless without a permit." 

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Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Multzumesc foarte mult! Muito obrigado!


Nothing bugs me more than people not doing their own research. This is a great idea and I am frankly surprised that no one has thought of it sooner. Hopefully this will really help alleviate some of the more common questions seen on the various boards, and help fellow mixers find their way around the global air space!

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Siddho: Two ideas:

1) I would contact sound mixers located in or around the area you will be working in. They will be best to tell you any detailed information on wireless and any particular issues.


2) I would contact the manufacturer of your wireless devices. More likely than not, they will have that information available being that they have to make these products to work in many parts of the world.


Best of luck,



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Thanks for the tips Jose.


I am hoping that my post here will cover your 1st suggestion!! Maybe some Irish collegues might chime in to help.


I also had an idea to contact hire companies in Ireland and ask them for the info. Am not sure if they would reply but I guess it is worth a try too.


Will post the frequencies here when I get them!

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