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STANLEY Rolling Workshop as a cart

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Find myself on a project that will require more bag days than I've typically encountered.

Spent some time with the DeWalt as a result.

The drawer unit ever-so-sweetly snaps onto the top of the cart-mounted small, medium and large cases.

Mini-cardellini clamp with Noga arm acts as place to hang cat5 cable for transport and will hold the monitor once landed. Added an AC strip and velcro for balun mounting. Bingo.

Pudding proof forthcoming.



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I am looking for a mini follow cart. Jan's looks a bit big, the Stanley seem a little breakable.


Any ideas (in the UK)?

JeffI'm sorry for the self promotion but Robert have you seen my forthcoming compact follow cart?

Would something like this suit your needs?


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Hi to all fellows of this topic ;-)

I have checked this topic a will ago finding my self working to a very similar type of case (Stanley) !

In fact, the inspiring model for me has been the "Stanley Cantilever Fatmax" model.

This model finally wasn't my final choice for two main reasons:

1: Not as hardened and secure as i wanted to be. 

2: The cantilever opening system needs some "space" around the case to be fully opened... 

I finally choose the "Stanley Bi-Composite" case made of galvanized steel, aluminium and of coarse... plastic !

There are to types available apparently, with one or two drawers. I choose the one drawer for the more compact size and lightweight profile.

I took the necessary time finalizing this project and had already the opportunity to do some field testing...


Stanley Cantilever Fatmax 01.jpg

Stanley Cantilever Fatmax 02.jpg

Stanley Bi-Composite Case 01.jpg

Stanley Bi-Composite Case 02.jpg

Stanley Bi-Composite Case 03.jpg

Stanley Bi-Composite Case 04.jpg

Stanley Bi-Composite Case 05.jpg



Stanley Bi-Composite Case 06.jpg

Stanley Bi-Composite Case 07.jpg

Edited by Bax

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The main modifications were:

1: Doing solid attachement of the top case to the main body

2: Attaching Manfrotto clamps to the sides of the top case with internal reinforcement 

3: Changing the original "all plastic made" wheels with a far more solid (and handy) ones with flat free solid rubber tire.

4: Attaching Manfrotto cable or headphone holders 

5: Attaching a dual boom holder système (Quickfist)


Thanks for the inspiration to all  and hope this will inspire others ;-)


Some "in condition" photos :

Roulante Bax en config 001.jpg

Roulante Bax en config 002.jpg

Roulante Bax en config 003.jpg

Roulante Bax en config 004.jpg

Roulante Bax en config 005.jpg

Roulante Bax en config 006.jpg

Roulante Bax en config 007.jpg

Roulante Bax en config 008.jpg

Roulante Bax en config 009.jpg

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Just got some on the Dewalt TStack modules and cart to replace my old Stanley workshop cart which has served me well for my one man gigs, but after 10 years of use it's time to find a replacement, Still considering keeping it or returning it, Like the toughness and quality of the drawers, but it's a lot heavier and believe or not can't put as many things inside :-)


DSCN0945 [1024x768].jpg

DSCN0946 [1024x768].jpg

DSCN0947 [1024x768].jpg

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