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Best AA batteries for wireless transmitters (PowerEx vs Eneloop)


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Looking for the best AA batteries to power my Zaxcom TRXLA2. Using PowerEX 2700 right now. I hear a lot of good things about Eneloop Pro. Did anyone compare the two yet? Any other new brands that perform better? How about the Ansmann 2850?

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I got some of the Ansmann 2850 two weeks ago. They did last about 1,5 days in a Sennheiser EW300, I was quite impressed. We were not shooting the entire time, but I didn't switch them off during breaks. I also got some new black eneloops at the same time, which ran a tiny bit less than the Ansmann.

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All i can say is my Powerex batteries after a year of use or so, no longer can boot my trx900LA unless i take them directly off the charger (sometimes they still wont) I use the Powerex in the ERX2 now, easily last 10+ hours on continuous use.

In my TRX I now use the black Eneloops. They are substantially better then the powerex in my experience for this purpose.

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Testing batteries on the Zaxcom TRXLA2. TRX is turned off, recording and IFB TX on.

PowerEX 2700mAh new = 9 hours

PowerEX 2700mAh 1 year old = 6 hours

Swissbatteries 2100mAh = 3 hours


Ordered some Eneloops. Will test them as soon as they arrive.

Update: Eneloops 2550 new = 7 hours

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I have 4 of the black eneloops and a dozen white eneloops. Outside of the black ones being slightly larger in diameter, I don't notice much difference in runtime between the two in various devices. The white version is cheaper and I think a better buy. The extra 10% or so longer runtime of the black version is not worth the money in my opinion. I've been using the eneloops for over 3 years now and have never had a dud.

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I've been using the Sanyo Enloop XX for probably 3 years now.  I've been quite pleased with them, however, due to their "chemistry" and starting out with a slightly lower voltage, none of the battery meters on any of my wireless read accurately with the Enloops.  For instance, I use them often in my G3's for ifb and timecode transmission, and they will go all day long, HOWEVER the battery gauge on the G3's will be down one notch as soon as you turn them on, even with a freshly charged battery.  And then when they do die, the meter will just suddenly drop to nothing without warning.  So you really just have to get familiar with them and learn to "trust" them for a predetermined number of hours.  Personally, for me, I have chosen not to use the Enloops in anything mission critical such as my Lectorsonics SMv's, but I will use them most everywhere else.  Perhaps if I was suing the SMQV's (that take 2 AA's) I might change my mind.


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With eneloops and other "LSD" (Low Self Discharge) technology batteries, you need to re-learn the battery meter display.

My experience: They will, as has been stated here, never show as "full" but always with the top segment missing. With all our TX units (Lectro SMb, Audio En2 TXP, and Sennheiser G3 for IFB) the battery should be changed when the display shows 50% (or one segment in the G3s). With Sankens or B6 a 2100 mAh battery will safely power our TXs for half a day, we usually change after lunch.

We use Varta "ready2use" batteries because they are cheaper than eneloops and can be bought about everywhere (at least in Germany). We do not use conventional (non-LSD) NiMH batteries for anything critical (including IFBs) anymore because self discharge has been an issue a few times.

IMHO using non-rechargeable batteries for usual film set purposes is, with very few exceptions, a waste of money and environmental resources.

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I use Eneloop pro in my SMa pretty regularly. I just put the receiver in timer mode and change at or slightly before 4 hours. Occasionally I'll have one that dies at 3 hours or less but I think it has more to do with my charger than the battery.

But yes, lithium's when you can't tolerate this kind of thing.

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I have been using the white eneloops 4th generation for many years with Sennheiser G3 and this are the best batteries i found yet.
The eneloops black version is not worth the extra money.
I recently read a lot of good things about IKEA batteries and i bought some rechargeable batteries from IKEA the Ladda "LSD ready to use" version (not the old ones), and im trying them for a few days and they seem to be as good as the white eneloops but they cost only 5€ for 4 batteries.
If you use a lot of batteries you can find a charger in ebay that charge 16 batteries individualy and are excelent.
Hope this helps.

Pedro Adamastor

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Forgive me if I'm wrong, Pedro - But, I might interpret what you meant to say as " The Sanyo XX Eneloop" - As seen in this photo - Note the silver 'x x' on the label - Are the ones that are "disappointing"? (This has been my experience.)

For my money, I would not recommend them. YMMV.  Note the model number of this particular battery on the label.


These, below, are the "Panasonic Eneloop Pro" batteries, that I have ordered through Amazon.

They came directly from Japan. I am very happy with these. YMMV.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G40CZUI       (hope this helps?)

Note the use of the term 'Panasonic Eneloop Pro' - but, more specifically the exact model # when one would try  ...

To do a ... "Can I find it even cheaper ... somewhere else ... on the internet?" search.  Phhht.  Caveat Emptor.


And, just to flesh things out a bit ...


Here are the very first rechargeable "Panasonic" Batteries that I bought - circa 2003?, IIRC.

They were not touted as being 'low-self-discharge,' at the time.

However, they are still going strong. And, I have discovered, that - They do happen to have a very good 'low-self-discharge'.

With the advent of the 'latest versions' as seen above and below - These have now been relegated to TC Slate duty.

Note: the 1600's were made in Japan. The 2300's were made in China.



These, below, are (AFAIK?) the 1st generation of Sanyo Eneloop "White" label (Please, correct me if I am wrong?)

I bought these when they first showed up. They are circa 2006? These still give me a relatively good performance.

Note the model number on the label:



These, following, are what I would consider to be 3rd, and/ or 4th generation versions?

(Again - Please correct me if I am wrong?)

These (light, and deep, blue) versions have not given me quite the same performance -

As, what I would call, my "white" label ones.  Again... YMMV

Note the difference in model number on the label - the letter A as a suffix:




The Sanyo Eneloops are disappointing maybe because they don't exist anymore. Old batteries..

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Rado ... One must be careful when shooting from the hip, no?





New Mexico,

Totally agree with everything you are saying except the Sanyo branded batteries.

From Your wiki link:


AA size[edit]

Variant Model Release date Capacity (mAh) Max. cycles Est. cap. (Wh) Charge retention
Min. Typ. After 1 day After 1 year After 2 years After 3 years After 5 years
Ordinary NiMH battery (Sanyo NiMH 2700) HR-3UG Unknown 2,500 2,700 1,000 Unknown 80% 50% 0% 0% 0%
Eneloop 1st generation[13] HR-3UTG November 2005 1,900 2,000 1,000 2,400 Unknown 80% Unknown Unknown Unknown
Eneloop 2nd generation HR-3UTGA May 2010 1,900 2,000 1,500 3,600 Unknown 85% 80% 75% Unknown
Eneloop 3rd generation HR-3UTGB November 2011 1,900 2,000 1,800 4,320 Unknown 90% 80% 80% 70%
Eneloop 4th generation BK-3MCC April 2013 1,900 2,000 2,100 5,040 Unknown 90%[14] Unknown 80%[14] 75%[14]
Eneloop Lite 1st generation[15] HR-3UQ June 2010 950 1,000 2,000 2,400 Unknown 85% 80% 75% Unknown
Eneloop Lite 2nd generation BK-3LCC April 2013 950 1,000 3,000 3,600 Unknown 90% 80% 70%[8] 65%[2]
Eneloop Pro 1st generation[16][17] HR-3UWX
July 2011
May 2012
2,400 2,500 500 1,500 Unknown 75% Unknown Unknown Unknown
Eneloop Pro 2nd generation[18] HR-3UWXB October 2012 2,450 2,550 500 1,530 Unknown 85% Unknown Unknown Unknown
Panasonic Eneloop Pro BK-3HCC April 2013 2,450 2,550 500 1,530 Unknown 85%[2] Unknown Unknown Unknown




It is possible amazon is selling old stock Sanyo branded battery.

Last time I checked "an year ago" Eneloops stopped being manufactured with the Sanyo brand in 2013


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