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- Automatic separation of recorded sound sources

- Automatic removal of background noises


So yeah, pay attention producers of 19 cast member reality - no need to wire anyone, just plant this anywhere in the room and each capsule will automagically detect different sources and record high quality isos without background noise. Fantastic.

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On 4/26/2017 at 9:53 AM, soundtrane said:

Thanks, mr soundtrane. (Vinod) Interesting. 19 capsules......on separate tracks via USB to software? Well the Behringer X air live sound mixing system sends out 16 tracks via USB. I'd probably prefer the audio coming into Pro Tools, but could be persuaded otherwise. So these 19 capsules mounted on a ball; are they cardioid? They'd have to be to be directional enough to do what they claim. 

I've made some good Blumlein recordings - crossed figure of eights. Here's one.

Maybe for surround ambience......prolly not for dialog. 

Yeah, I guess in the "Brother Where Art Thou" world of everyone standing around one side of a mic for one track, this makes sense. I'll reach out. Wonder if I can get one with all Schoeps capsules....

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