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NAB 2019 ... still no ''wish list'' topic already ?


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Lectro Duet transmitter with single Tx radio, 2 channel capability, no Dante, but AES input as well as analog.  small form factor or even slot mount (just reverse input vice outputs on 25-pin).  A slightly cheaper 1-channel Duet receiver would be welcome.  $1000'ish for an IEM receiver of that quality is great.  $750'ish for a single channel version without LCD and only volume control knob would make it variable for IFB for me.  SSM nailed it - no need for further improve on their transmitters IMO with dual AA units available for longevity, but find that the 5'ish hour runtime I'm getting now is just fine for most jobs.


Zaxcom needs a dual transmitter capable slot mount wide band receiver.  OR an all in-one 6 channel or 8 channel receiver - ditch the whole modular concept because it seems too expensive, big, and heavy.  Plus integrated Zaxnet transmitter for non-Zaxcom recorders OR make a recorder I'd be willing to use. The current MAXX, Nomad, Deva are just not my cup of tea.  Rugged ERX or Zaxnet over UHF system would be welcome too.


MKH8030 please (could be an in-line screw in capsule / XLR5 module that fits an additional MKH80XX capsule in front)


Aaton release V3 firmware for X2 (I know I'm dreaming here).  A nearly perfect machine, but have a few small requests - like a modern remote solution.  X3 and X3 mini look great, but just not a machine for my market.  An "X0" little micro Cantar would be cool - not the spaceship LCD but something a little bit more related to the X2 "Casio watch" LCD technology with a modest IO complement but bulletproof operations.  I'm thinking along the lines of 2 mic/line amps, 4 line in, 6 AES in, 2 line out, 2 tape out, 2 AES out.



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On 2/10/2019 at 5:55 PM, Tom Visser said:

Lectro Duet transmitter with single Tx radio, 2 channel capability, no Dante, but AES input as well as analog.  small form factor...



Tom, you nailed it! PM me your address and shirt size and we'll send you the latest T-shirt. 

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wish list....


-  a10 mini tx


-  the 24-bit-signal of a sonosax micpre/ad being wirelessly transmitted by a recording digital TX.  All in a small, remote controllable package for boom-tip mount.   And running on two or three AAs...  todays wireless boom solutions sound very ok. but nothing like a good old cable, as advertised by some. there is room for improvement....

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