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Boom operators - Cool photos


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I was even closer during some ops... to get scissor and scalpel sounds.  This was in Ecuador.  Our shoe covers were filthy.  Military soldiers would come in and out of the space as they pleased.  The Ecuadorian children are exposed to every virus and parasite under the sun, probably have an incredibly strong immune system and in the 15+ years that these doctors have been doing these missions, have not had a single infection caused by unsterile conditions - so were probably a bit more lenient in all respects compared to their practice in the U.S.  There was a lot of grumbling about litigation and non-medical oversight, the whole business of medicine vs pure medicine, and the hoops that one has to jump through to not be sued.  I didn't touch any drapes and wore my mask even more than the doctors themselves, I did have visions of dropping my boom into an open incisions or having the foam fall off, so was extra careful during these shoots.  It was a long but rewarding 2 weeks.

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