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Same catalog as the Psalm-spouting John the Evangelist: 6kwAmp.thumb.jpg.e2247ecb57d538cd2545e37

Gee... 6 kW output, not qualified as "peak" or "instant" or "once only and it dies"...  So at 110 volts, you'd need slightly more than a 50 Amp circuit!




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A case of serious corpsing! Brian Johnston (Johnners) and Jonathan Agnew (Aggers) with a live cricket commentary on BBC Radio Test Match Special. All you really need to know is that one of the players has knocked the bails off the stumps accidentally by stepping over them carelessly. Aggers observes that he didn't quite get his leg over and Johnners begins to disintegrate. (Getting one's leg over having two meanings in British English...maybe elsewhere too: I don't know)



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