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Lav tape


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I know I have several rolls of Transpore (a medical tape) but I'm not sure that's what we use. I know we do use Top Stick and a variety of other things depending on how it has to be mounted. Also, Rycote Stickies and Overcovers and Undercovers (or whatever they are called).





+1 on the Transpore. I use that 90% of the time, although I also have other medical-type tapes and, obviously, Top Stick.




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Transpore does come off easily as soon as the actor starts sweating. Now that it's summer the sweat factor is all too common. I wonder if talent would be offended if I started wearing latex gloves when I took their mics off? haha

I use the transpore tape alot, however its mainly to secure the lav cable to clothing. I have found, due to the fact that the transpore tape is rather porous, that it is also slightly rough and can cause noise problems if used right at the microphone. For securing the actual mic element, my go to is moleskin, although I do really like the little rubber COS11 holders.


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3Ms surgical tapes include:


Micropore -- a paper tape

Transpore -- a plastic tape

Durapore -- a silk-like cloth tape


I've used all three, but my current "go-to" is Durapore.  A question to those who like Leukosilk is, "Have you compared Durapore to Leukosilk.  They would appear to be similar products (to answer someone's question above, about what's similar in the U.S.). 


Durapore is readily available here in the states, even at drug stores -- and the big chains even have their own version of it.


If you've compared them, does Leukosilk stick any better than Durapore?  Is it quieter?  Or, are they pretty much the same thing?


Inquiring minds want to know.  Thanks.


I may have found a source for Leukosilk here in the U.S., so if it's better I'll sure give it a try.  I do like the easy availability of Durapore (and its sibling "pores").

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I was a nursing assistant for a number of years, and in my time in those trenches I really liked 3m Medipore. I've used it successfully for lav's as well. It holds up very well and is tried and tested with a lot of gushing wounds and showers.




-It's perforated (no fumbling with scissors or teeth)


-Comes in a variety of widths


-It has great water resistance. As long as you're applying it to dry skin, it holds up pretty well to sweat.


-It moves with the skin. I find this to be the real factor for medical tape staying on. Stiffer, non-cloth tapes will start wearing at the edges faster and forming creases, which allow water and sweat in.


-It comes off gently with no residue (also in case you didn't know when taking off bandages: always pull the skin away from the bandage, not the other way around)


-Pretty affordable


Amazon sells it as do most medical supply shops. Give it a try.

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There's a wig shop not far from my place...I walk in and say..."I'm looking for some wig tape"....
The guy looks at me and looks again...and then again....
Then he says.." That's the best dam wig I've ever seen !!!! "



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This might be of interest:




I've used, and carry, several of the above including Medipore, Micropore, Durapore, and Transpore, and my "go-to" is still Durapore.  I've only just added Medipore, as well as 3M Nexcare "absolute waterproof first aid tape," so don't have a well-formed opinion on those yet. 


I normally use these tapes just for lav cable control.  However, for actually attaching lavs I employ a combination of mole skin, Overcovers, and Super Stick-It when called for.



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Thanx, JB, nice chart.

I started using Nexcare recently, and am interested to learn how you like it. The hold is sometimes too good, sticking hard to some fabrics (will have to remember to note which), and when accidentally stuck to itself around the lav cable is a bit of a pain, and I've noticed a few irritations on skin (but no complaints).


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For a lot of my work I used moleskin and I sandwich the lav with 2 pieces one on top of the mic and one behind it. Then on the one behind it take of the sticky adhesive backing and stick to the chest or bra of talent. Works 9 times out of ten. I still like to use Topstick for tie rigs and sometimes will use Transpore. 



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