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Jack Norflus

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Glenn states from the videos:

- When speaking about the display for Deva 32 PC or Mac can be used.  Nothing was mentioned about mobile devices here.

- On the Oasis video he says, "virtually any tablet, any laptop, either it be PC or Mac".

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Are we able to control trim and or faders from the Nomad touch? Ie is this the start of the sound backpack with control surface at the front?

Very interesting question / thought, that could be quite some liberation, from the choc ices and ice cream front pack. :)

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No trim control, according to the preliminary manual, page 12 :


Input Channel Configure

Tap the Input Configure key to open the setup page for the 6 Mic / Line inputs, 8 AES inputs and 4 line level inputs.

Adjustable Peramaters
Set input for Mic / Line level
Engage 48 volt phantom power
Adjust the Delay
Engage the High Pass Filter

To navagate to additional inputs tap the Increase Channel and Decrease Channel keys. 

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Glenn is a genius, even with that shirt on. One question, maybe Jack can answer: Which port does Nomad touch connect to? I hope same as Mix-8 to the serial port. If instead it connects to the USB, can it be used with a hub?

No comment on the shirt  - and nomad touch connects to the serial port on nomad.

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No the nomad touch needs a to run on a windows 8 platform

In the Oasis video Glenn mentions PC or Mac, is only the software for the Oasis cross platform?  Seems like an odd design choice to port one software but not the other.  

I use Movieslate on my cart on an iPad, and would love to be able to use the same tablet to control the nomad when off the cart or with the Oasis on the cart.

Also curious if the mentioned Movieslate integration will work if the control software is running on the same tablet as movieslate, or if they need to be on separate devices connected via wifi?

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Nomad Touch only supports Windows 8.1? Goddammit. 


First thing I said was, "ohhhhhh... Mr. Wexler will not like this if it's Windows-only." If it's cross-platform, that would be fantastic.


If it is Windows only, one hopes that Cortana (aka "Fake Siri") can control it via voice operation. "Cortana! Arm Record Channel 1 and name it Boom!"

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