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Wisycom MTP60

Mattias Larsen

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Looks very interesting. Seems to tick most of the boxes of the rumours. Multiband was a new one for me, certainly very interesting for people doing doc work.


Was expecting a smaller form factor, but can only imagine that this is the first of a range. Didnt mention anything about 48v, so from the rumors, they might have dropped that feuture on this particulair model?

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Yes, you need the PHA60 accessory.


Tady jsou vlastnosti:

MTP60 is a pocket transmitter specially designed for professional wireless microphone applications.


The multi-band MTP60 currently has the widest tuning range of any wireless transmitter on the market (470 to 1075MHz)
Monitor & control with Bluetooth via Wisycom Manager software or mobile device apps to adjust parameters in real time
Dedicated hardware allows accurate real time position monitoring with advanced user interface.
Advanced linear technology (L20mW) eliminates intermodulation distortion for more robust signal
Embedded recorder to record directly on the MTP60 memory card and integrated Linear Time Code decoding
Enhanced robustness against self-interferences and antenna performances thru a proprietary “intermodulation cancellation” circuit
An integrated haptic engine that gives tactile feedback with different vibration patterns
FPGA based signal processing allows easy switching between wide and narrow band operation
Miniature design with flexible PCB (no connectors) for extended reliability
New ENS compander for a totally clear sound
Powering with 2 x AA battery (Alkaline, NiMh, Lithium) or MPRLBP lithium battery (5.55 Wh)
Bluetooth interface and mobile app allows full control from mobile or tablet
Integrated low-pass audio filter eliminates ultrasonic interference from devices such as focus pullers
Bluetooth 5 Long Range (Class 1, 100mW) with the MRK16 as a bridge allows remote control the MTP60 over hundreds of meters
Front panel buttons to quickly enter menu thanks to its multiple shortcut combinations
Max input level 26dBu (15.5 V clipping) to connect directly to mixers and instruments
48V phantom power to use wired mic thru the PHA60 accessory

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2 hours ago, Mattias Larsen said:

The batterytime is listed as 10h at 10mw with alkaline. Its probably my only minor gripe with this.

In the YouTube comments on a new raycom video they added on that it’s claimed 10h @ 50mw with NiMH. That’s pretty impressive, imo! 

Really curious about this location tracking feature. I wonder how accurate it will be in practice. 

Also records in 32 bit according to their website.

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13 hours ago, Ian Berman said:

In the YouTube comments on a new raycom video they added on that it’s claimed 10h @ 50mw with NiMH. That’s pretty impressive, imo! 

If that is true, its very impressive indeed

5 hours ago, Derek H said:

Will a smaller single battery model be added at some point? Any inside info?

That seems logical at some point no? Either that or the rumored np50 style TX. Question is how long it will take. For tax purposes I really wish for a bundle price with 4 of MTP60 and a MCR54 before years end.

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8 hours ago, igomarsound said:

anyone got their hands on these ? If so, Please share your first impressions !

I ordered them together with the reciever, I can report once I get my hands on them. With how long wait many experienced for mcr54 last year I can imagine it will take a few months, but I am patient.


Think the rumor has it that the new app, pha60 and the transmitter will be rolled out in the end of January, but I dont count on it.

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On 12/1/2021 at 9:59 AM, Mattias Larsen said:

bundle price with 4 of MTP60 and a MCR54

I heard £7995 + VAT in the UK, and $4795 + VAT for the (as yes unreleased) MCR54 Dual receiver https://wisycom.com/app/uploads/sites/2/2022/02/MCR54-DUAL-en-b02.pdf

there should be a replacement MTP61 sometime in the next year or so as well.

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