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  1. 44kg - Νo thank you. I am doing sound, not weightlifting at Olympic Games. lol
  2. Is a digital hybrid; not analog at all.
  3. QXS Series from Ambient; wear the collars from QS Series. The collars from QS is the best at the market right now IMHO. One of the thing I like at QS Series.
  4. VASI

    Deity Connect.

    I love yellow. These will fit inside a waist belt (like from URSA or Viviava), so no issues with being visible the color. Smaller transmitter is the next big thing from Deity.
  5. Hi Neal, Great bag and gear!
  6. I think, Crew, was just saying about the fast cut at the end of the video. Welcome, RocketTreeAudio!
  7. How a firmware update cause increase hiss in mic preamps? Is there inside the code something which decrease hiss in mic preamps?
  8. 3.01 is out. Not sure if this has been adressed, @whatisvalis
  9. Over 5 months now, we record both audio and timecode (FS7) at 50 FPS without a problem. They choose 50 FPS in 1080i, because at 25 FPS the viewfinder was not workable (glitch image when camera was in movement). I think that problem is in the design of FS7 viewfinder (maybe some older version models). Imagine to have a glitch audio at headphones because of problematic headphone amp and you have to listen it through one of the main output. Return and refund, now. lol
  10. The most common microphone on set is the slate microphone. Everyone has one. Hehe
  11. I think, the size of pocket for URSA and Viviana Straps are the same; I do find the pocket for Sennheiser G3 to be very tight. Especially if you have to change the batteries or make some transmitter adjustments, you need to pull out the transmitter in most cases. Not fast workflow, but.. it is what it is
  12. Speaking of dialogue levels at production stage, I tend to have it around -6 dBFS / -12 dBFS (not RMS). Call me crazy, but I prefer PPM metering scale. 0 dBu = -18 dBFS seems low.
  13. I thought the life after ZaxMote was much easier for Zaxcom environment.
  14. Make sure, SDI can transport 4 channels of audio and not two. Is this what you ask?
  15. What I like about A10-RACK is the support of other wireless receiver brands. The switch between a shotgun to a lavalier in A10 Tx without damaging the electronics is a huge plus. When a transmitter acting for both case senario (boom or lavalier use) without the need of extra investment on plug-on is welcome (since we are talking a $$.$$$ investement).
  16. We are not a video community. I wonder how many years or months or days has been passed when MKH 416 was labeled as "a standard" weapon.
  17. My main concern about A10, is the size of transmitter. Otherwise is a complete system.
  18. The difference between MMP-B & MMP-C Preamp isn't only at filtering options. The MMP-B Max. SPL is 138 dB; MMP-C Max. SPL is 146 dB. The MMP-B is single balanced output and the MMP-C is impedance balancing with active drive. You can see a different current consumption and also a maximum output voltage (in RMS terms) between them. If I had to choose between MMP-B and MMP-C, my choice will be MMP-C.
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