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  1. http://apexelectronic.com/KN9-W-6A or http://apexelectronic.com/KN13-W-6A
  2. a right angle/better cable clamp for the 10 pins would be a big win
  3. well SOS has obviously sold out
  4. Got an Oktava to test, put it in the anechoic chamber, the POS had better frequency response off-axis than it did on axis.
  5. PT 12.3 update preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN4nji4XetY
  6. I'm late to this but maybe some contact mics on some of the trusses, wood tends to creak and groan
  7. would the internet let him today?
  8. Try and get a tour of Universal's Foley Stage Or just tell the contractor to copy their stage
  9. you would have to send the s/n to Sennheiser to get age and if it's a fake or not. There should not be any RF issues if the set screw is not missing
  10. I world say yes but start with 1 http://www.trewaudio.com/store/PSC-48V-Phantom-to-12V-T-Power-Barrel-Adapter.html are there spots of red paint on them for Red Dot? if so you will need a cable that flips pins 2 & 3 between the converter and the mic a 816, converter barrel and custom Rt. Angle XLR will just fit in the Rycote for the 815/6
  11. CraigF

    Good Carpets

    any of these work for you| http://www.mcmaster.com/#floor-mats/=z5pu5f
  12. it's something like a 5µH inductor if I remember correctly
  13. Bass Management is part of the room's B-Chain calibration Using a software option presents the possibility of shipping files that have it baked into the files
  14. yes, you are think the wrong way what you need is band limited pink, pink nose with HP at 500 and LP at 2000 (aka Dolby Pink) this helps eliminate room modes from effecting the measurement level so 1 channel set to 1 output, SG set to -20dB Pink, EQ3 with LPF set to 500 & HPF set to 2k measure the SPL for that channel, trim to 85 dB slow C change the output for the next speaker repeat setting the SG to 0 would make you calibration 20 dB to low / you mixes would be ~20 dB low
  15. Micah, I didn't make that video. I just found it and thought it might help a few prople
  16. because who doesn't like free? http://goo.gl/K58hvn
  17. Belden 1804A, I can not sing it's praises enough
  18. given that it's all compressed, I hope not I hope this idea dies on the vine
  19. it should be for an average job but a 1 day job subjugated to a sand storm or salt water spray where all the gear need to be opened up (not just dusted off), no
  20. It should be OK, it is dependent on the impedance and capacitance of the cable in question if it's something you're going to do regularly I'd recommend getting some AES cables
  21. Doug that should go onto Movie Set Memes
  22. a door sign can help also like these http://www.magnetsonthecheap.com/?pscid=1053&extcid=1005&kwcid=magnetic car signs&pcode=63344B6F664974376C656A37514E32576F7676777A413D3D&gclid=CIq-mtTMpccCFYpcfgodC2cOyw Maybe Dave would run a patch of Sound People ones
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