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well I never thought I would be posting in this section of JWSound, but i had an idea almost 2 years ago and here is the result of months of tinkering, prototyping and field testing.


May I present the Soundbag Dashboard


Some of you may remember the pictures I posted in the "show me your bag" thread, of the one-off wireless bracket I designed for my own personal use. After posting it up I received quite a few emails asking if i had any others for sale or if I could make any others for people. Since the first one I made was done by hand and took quite a while to make, I decided to look in to improving the design and seeing if manufacturing might be feasible. And voila, the sound bag dashboard is born.


Right now I have four models to choose from. 2 for the 633 and 2 for the 664. But I've already designed models for other mixers including the 788, Maxx and Nomad. They will be released over the next few weeks. I'm also looking into making a version to fit the Wisycom wireless receivers, and a few other models using some of the most popular portable audio equipment out on the market right now. 


I'll be sure to post updates here as the models come out.


If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to post here.






pictured here is the 633B dashboard in an Orca bag




pictured here is the 664 dashboard in a petrol 617 bag




pictured here is the 633 dashboard


Since these are made for specific pieces of gear to work with each other and since everyone has there own idea of what makes the perfect sound bag, the Soundbag Dashboards will have low production runs of as many different models as we can think up. We won't be making tons of just 1 or 2 models, forcing you to choose audio gear you don't really want to use. We hope to provide lots of varying versions and I hope we can come up with the right combination that creates your ultimate sound bag.


All proudly made in Canada.





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Thanks Greg. Working on it. The 411 and Zax receivers have there own particular set of challenges to make them work in this kind of setup, but I think we may have a solution. 


Stay tuned.

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Current models are designed for the Lectro SRB's. I'm working on a version for the Wisycom and LTD's. (they may fit, but I have not tried them and do not guarantee the current models will work with Wisy or Audio LTD.)

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@phillip Perkins  Thanks.


The 4 models that are out now are not designed to fit a 411. We're working on a few ideas for a 411 model, stay tuned for updates as we progress.


The slot mount receivers are obviously made to be mounted this way so they are the first versions I'm releasing. hopefully if there is enough interest and sales I can continue releasing newer versions.

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It's easier with the slot mount receivers since they already have four screw holes. with 411's and other such the form factor does not allow this. the unit will have to get affixed within the frame by physical pressure to lock it in. the lectro six pack had such an arrangement. 



-sent from my old 4s

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