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Deva 32

Jeff Wexler

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From what I see, something tells me that it's a move towards a "combination concept" similar to/between SD 970 form and Mackie DL32R type control in compact format with perhaps Zaxcom specific removable, wireless, touch screen controller. An alternative instead of ipad. Dante/Madi support...


I think the sound industry is moving towards the idea of; 1- Let's get rig of the connection clutter out of eye sight. 2- Give the user touch screen controlled, user friendly interface with fully configurable device control. 


And as always devices for our industry will evolve slower, more consciously and will be carefully produced versus general pro audio world where we see product "experimentations" almost every year.

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One unit devices are where I would like everything to go. 


I agree...


Also I personally hope that our industry do not get lost in the adaptation of "cool" tools (tablets, phones...) as much and keep focusing on reliability and technical advancements on crucial user needs. 


(my two cents until the days we see the first pro user tablets start to advance.)

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I was hoping to upgrade, or trade up my DEVA II


I think The Senator raises a good point: Zaxcom did offer upgrades from the original Deva I to the Deva II, and there was also a (limited) upgrade path from the Deva II to the Deva 4 & 5. On the other hand, I don't see Sony offering people the ability to trade in their 2002 F950's for an F55. (Even though the former cost 4 times cost of the latter.) And I don't see Apple offering upgrades from a 2009 Mac to a 2014 Mac. 

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It is nice to read some of the speculation in this thread regarding what we might be working on. The last entirely new concept in recording was the introduction of the DevaII in 1996.  Everything that has come along since has been variations on our hard disk based recording system.


As advertised this will be an entirely new system/concept. We were not thinking outside the box. We had no box to start with.  2015 will be a very interesting year. I would like to let some of the details out but we must keep things under wraps for a little while longer.



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