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It's the Little Things...

Jan McL

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I got this one to hang the boom on the bag while running & gunning. Snaps on to one of the d-rings and frees up both hands for things like; breaking off the camera-snake, lav-ing, de-laving, etc.

It's made by Nite-Ize and is intended to be a sleeve that slips over any D cell flashlight. Fits my 9' K-Tek boom like a glove.



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My SMQV that came in a few weeks ago had the thumbscrews on it. I'd say that makes another successful suggestion that has been implimented. Brownie points for Lectro.

Hi Bob,

Great idea. Will work on a Lectro version that will keep the little nylon nubbin that protects the metal plating. Wish we had thought of it.


Larry F


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Always nice to bring this thread back around. Anyway, I found this weather stripping at Home Depot that works nicely for isolating Cos-11's or other like-sized top-address lavs. Works like a charm when something like a hush lav is too bulky, but moleskin isn't doing the job. As an added bonus, it has an adhesive backing..woohoo!

I think it costs around $8



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Once upon a time I had an Audio Technica shock-mount for my shotgun mic that used rubber bands to suspend the mic. Out of paranoia I got a bag of replacement bands because I feared the day that one snapped. Well, that day never came, I just got a k-tek mount instead. But I still have those bands.

Every now and then the BDS power cable would come loose from my Rx which would subsequently not power on, usually when I was in a hurry and needed them on immediately! :P

Then I remembered those bands, and it all made sense to me. Now my Rx never become unplugged!


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And I have one more for you:

I dont know how many people struggle with finding a suitable spot for their BDS system, but it is a problem I run into whenever I have to re organize my bag. It can clip into the front pouch of my 614, but with all the cables facing forward, I worry that they will be ruined at some point by pressure being applied to them. Plus my Remote Audio RM cant clamp to anything and still be visible. Ive tried a number of solutions, and then I looked down at my work bench and saw one of those side pouches lying about. I figured I could put the whole BDS system inside, so it would be self contained, protected, and then I could just velcro it to the inside of the bag anywhere I liked. Works great!

Here it is with the meter inside, making for a very compact unit:


And here it is with the meter on the outside, which makes it very visible from inside the bag:


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This is a two-fer: I use ktek booms, and hava couple of add-ons that work for me. First is simply a rubber band (in this case, a black band from a bongo tie minus the bamboo) to keep the XLR from getting caught on things or banging around.

Second, I covered the open vents with a piece of neoprene. I bought a cheap pair of rafting gloves, and cut off the fingertips. Once you slice open the very end, you can slip it over the vents. It's not water proof, but it will keep the majority of the water out.

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Maybe everybody already does this... but I keep quick bits (not rolls) of 1" and 2" gaff tape in my bag or in my pocket. You simply pull off about 4' or so of gaff and fold it over and and over until you have a business card sized "roll" of gaff tape ready for anything minor that comes up.

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I learnt this trick recently off of another soundie. I roll gaff around an actual business card. Perfect pocket size gaff supply.

That and someone should be happy I put there card to good use.

I use a plastic hotel door card. They are wider than 2inch gaff, so there is enough room on one end to punch a hole in case I want to hang it outside my ENG bag. That was you can also use the last inch of tape and then reload it.

For those of us in the colder climates, I also keep an old hotel key in the car because they are way better than any ice scraper for the icy frost coating on your windows when you are driving before the sun comes up, and less important than your credit card. I've already used this one a few times this year.

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My brother always gets me a bunch of super useful little things for Christmas, and this was one I got this year... it's TINY:

this thing is about 1.25inches long, and gives good light. I keep one clipped on my versaflex harness in case I can't fish out the bigger flashlight.


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Christian, do you have an online source for this rod holder?



they ship internationally.


But you can get the Remote Audio version from our forum's fellow Constantin at a reasonable price, too:



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