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A Case with character

Colin Heath

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I have been recently thinking about buying a pelican case for my gear. But i was walking through a antique store the other day and i stumbled over this case. I instantly fell in love with it, and then with looking at it i decided that it would be perfect to use to hold my equipment.

It folds open as you can see in the images i attached and has a spot where i put some foam to hold my wireless. I made some quick dividers for the one side and added some extra foam for padding in some spots. I may change it but this works for now.

As a plus, inside of the case when i bought it, was filled with boxed vacuum tubes, all sizes. Which was pretty cool.

This case may not be perfect but, it has a ton of character.





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I don't see me shipping my gear anytime soon, but if i should i know a guy who can get me a pelican at a good price.

It can hold all of my gear, and is the same size as the big pelican i would have to get for it. Its not to heavy.

Plus I got this case for a huge discount.

Its just something fun and different that i thought i would share.

Thanks for all the comments on it.


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