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  1. and the footwear is a must for all aspiring boom swingers...
  2. Go camping and set up your tent and take it down 5 times a day...very like filming interviews and its outdoors too....
  3. http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/wound-care/skin/support/product_catalog/?PC_7_RJH9U52308DL40I0NND6NR3S24_nid=34V1966X14beB385P3RT67gl
  4. Correct David...the thing to remember is the audience will only get to hear the dialog once....if I don't hear it when I'm recording, neither will anyone else...so it must be clear.....the worst thing is to be in an audience and hear people around you asking....."What did they say?"
  5. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2011/02/christchurch_earthquake.html
  6. My best results have been with a DPA 4071 and my Audio Ltd 2020...so good .. BVS
  7. Best Wishes from Downunder for the Festive Season.... BVS
  8. http://www.mutr.co.uk/autoheal I'm sure we will all find great uses for this new product. BVS
  9. Hi Whitney...did you ever try this rig.... http://www.jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=1679.0 the sticky part is only a small element to it...the main bit is the 3mm neoprene super soft foam...and in your case I would stick the sticky stuff to both sides of the foam. The other thing to do is to get some of that camera foam that is so soft you can hardly believe it and make up small pads to go under the contact points of where the shirt and the jacket make their most noise...the other thing that is great with this super soft stuff is to make up a small heart shape about the true size of your heart, and place it under the jacket between the jacket and the shirt...make a slit in the foam vertically from the dip in the top of the heart to the tip at the bottom but only go halfway into the foam..not all the way thru...this gives a space for the cable...and place the capsule in that dip of the top of the heart....it creates a space with air around it....use it in conjunction with my rig...and get that capsule covered in something soft too...any rubbing on the capsule will be loud otherwise...hope this helps...45 years in the biz here...passing on the knowledge...you may need to try a few combinations...nothing ever seems to work first off...lol... Cheers, .... BVS Brian Shennan .....Lower Hutt New Zealand
  10. A koha (donation) for such a great sound community asset...thanks for all your effort Jeff... BVS
  11. I think you'll find the answer is an RF blocker that is now installed in most prisons to stop cellphones being used by prisoners...I monitored this over 5 days and noticed that in certain areas there would be windows of time when it was not working and then half an hour later would start again...in some areas where the prisoners' cells were,there was a total RF block all the time..but in other areas around the warders rest rooms the coverage was variable...you can easily spot the RF blocking transmitters as they run a wire in a big loop around the fence perimeter...the same as running a loop thru an amplifier to give coverage for multiple receivers..when you step outside the perimeter,the coverage is back... BVS
  12. BVS

    The Swiss Army Boom

    Everyone has their own personal choice...so what we say is only our opinion...why don't you go and try them altogether in a test situation that applies to you. You'll then be happy with your own evaluation. BVS
  13. http://www.facebook.com/notes/ponoko/making-enclosures-for-electronics-with-ponoko/446456927546 From a New Zealand company working out of San Francisco...the future of manufacturing... BVS
  14. Taking a while to open in Safari here in NZ at the moment... BVS
  15. Thanks Chad for your review.... For those who haven't seen a previous link about lav mics and the comparisons between them,including most of the well known brands check here..... http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/lavs_brockett.html Cheers, BVS
  16. Only 300 mics needed....wonder if I can get production to pay for it......lol... BVS
  17. Jeff, that sound when the Microport connector for the DPA is loose, is so distinctive you can go straight to it. An ounce of prevention with making sure that connector is tight is worth it.......the flexibility outweighs the slight disadvantage of it perhaps coming loose. BVS
  18. I have filmed with them in a caged situation just recently.....the trainers would only handle the small ones but any adults were behind cages and were very powerful animals..not to be taken lightly.....they can be fast and dangerous...they eat other animals and monkeys in the wild. BVS
  19. BVS

    CMIT and the MKH50

    As they say TJ ......If in doubt read the instructions... Best BV
  20. BVS

    CMIT and the MKH50

    I love the CMIT...the MKH 60 doesn't compare....period
  21. I see we're in sync Jan.....(pun intended).. BVS
  22. So how can we help Pip.....in a close reverberant space what do you normally do....I do Schoeps or a PZM type mic...depending on how small the room is.....remember it breaks into a fight so it will get loud and activate the acoustics and there will be many multipath waves flying around........so thats my choice...keep the mic to one of these....more mics means more confused signals,combing and the whole schamozzle....keep it simple and you'll be fine Pip. BVS
  23. I bought mine from a dive shop that repaired the neoprene suits...paid $10 for a square metre of it and is 3mm thick. The stuff to look for has a rough surface on one side and super smooth on the other and is soft to touch... The sticky tape I use is Sellotape Inseal 0485 double sided tape...made in England. http://www.sellotape.co.nz/products/technical.aspx Its the 9th roll down on this page...different widths and thicknesses. The thinest is very aggressive. BVS
  24. The idea of the loop Vin is to cut down the microphonic resonance in the cable...and thus less noise. A perfect example would be where you pinch the cable in your fingers at the base of the capsule.....it stops the microphonics instantly. I would love to hear if anyone has made any improvements to this rig. BVS
  25. Unfortunately these productions had no" Production Report" nor much else...very limited budgets and as I gathered later no insurance on hired gear outside of the camera dept....so while I did get my fee,late , my insurance was not going to pay out on the individual items.... i have since dropped all insurance...the current premiums are so expensive it would mean I could buy a new mixer every year, which I don't....but this is another topic. Just take your time getting the mic off...and get there fast after the cut on the final take of the day. BVS
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