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What is this?


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It is Kit Cool, microphone boom pole holder.


This unique support offers total freedom, moving forward and back, and rotating around its own axis for precise microphone positioning. Kit Cool enables single handed and full operation of the boom pole on the move. The other hand is free to operate the mixer, or to hold the support when using a long pole. Now the Kit Cool is regularly used in movies studios, video industry, TV films, magazines and news worldwide. The Kit Cool allows a fishpole to be supported by one hand, even overhead.

Weight: 450grs


All component parts for Kit Cool are available: roller cradle, tube, belt clip, shoulder strap, four foam wheels. Body harness is optionnal.


Kit Cool is guaranted for one year with the exception of foam wheels. Kit Cool is patented and made under licence by our firm Boom Audio & Video - France


You can have more information on our website : boomaudiovideo.com





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Just heard about this one. Did a 20 minute take yesterday followed by a 15 minute take, both at 15' extension, with no support. This is how this director and this actor roll, and while it is killing me physically, I want to respect the actor's process. Anyone have experience with the Uperator?

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The device you linked to looks like a modified rifle support monopod.  I do something similar with a modified inexpensive monopod.  I go to the ground though, I don't use it at my waist.  Its great for on the fly interviews that go on for a long time.  If you don't have to move too much that might help.  Or it looks like it would be simple to rig up some sort of strap for the monopod I use.


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