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Jeff Wexler

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i wish there was an alternative to paypal that was not as fishy as their message that told me 'your account may have been compromised, so we are going to put you through a shit wormhole, and even if you want to close your account, you will still have to crawl through to do so...'

All in the name of security (if they were so good with it, there should be no compromising situation in the first place!)...

I think there is a war going on between India and PayPal (I know, PayPal isn't a country) and each side is blaming the other. I just read about 5 articles about PayPal and India, some of those articles appearing on a website titled paypalsucks 'dot' com. PayPal said they are under pressure from the Indian government because the Indian government wants to police their people (you and millions of others) and PayPal enables these people to engage in banking practices that the government doesn't approve of. I don't know what the official government response is but it looks like you're caught in the middle of whatever is still going on.

- Jeff Wexler

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Wonderful Surprise! I was at Coffey Sound this morning and John Coffey presented me with a check for a whopping $100.! Wow, that really helps. The outpouring of support is overwhelming and so gratifying --- it really show that we have all been doing something so right.

I hail you...  everyone!

-  Jeff Wexler

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Maybe you could put the PayPal link on a sticky so members don't have to scroll down through all the replies. Payment will be off to you tomorrow. Best money I've spent this year.


Thank you Scott, for your support and your suggestion. I am not really sure how Sticky works (sorry to admit) but I just made the post with the PayPal link a "Sticky". Should that move it up to the front so to speak? I don't think it works that way, but then what do I know.

-  Jeff Wexler

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