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What Car Do You Drive?

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Hey all,

My Honda Odyssey has had a lot of issues lately and is getting into higher miles so I'm starting to look at other car options. I got the mini van before I got into sound and was still in camera and g&e so the big van let me take a lot more stuff than I usually roll with nowadays.  I'm hoping to go to something smaller and more enjoyable to drive like a VW Golf Sportwagen or Subaru Outback, either of which would be a nice driver and have a good bit of cargo, enough to fit my EuroCart even. Curious what other people drive. Do you have Transit vans or similar? If so is that basically your daily driver? Feel free to post pics of loaded gear!

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Maybe this is a good time for me to share my van experience - mainly for Australians.

I have had my LDV-G10 for almost a year now - almost 20,000 kilometres.

It was a leap of faith at the time - Made by Shanghai Automotive and Industrial Corporation.

This van is brought into Australia by the same people who originally brought in Hyundai.

So I was looking for a van to replace my old Camry V6 petrol wagon. I paid AU$30,000 on road.

Renault van was about AU$35000 & only available in manual.

Merc Vito, Ford Transit & Volkswagon  were well above AU$40000 & VW was seriously boring.

A second hand Hiundai I-Load with 50000 k on the clock was abt AU$34000.

The Toyota Hiace was AU$35000++ & who wants to drive around sitting on the motor, drivetrain & wheels with your legs dangling down in front of them.

So I took the leap of faith.   Its everything I hoped it would be & everything they say it is.

2 Litre turbo petrol, purrs like a kitten, no harsh noise on mine when I put the foot down, but I have done mostly long distance k's to run it in. Fuel consumption is better than the Camry (in over drive) and I have to say it can match it for power.

Van with load of 750kg, towing trailer with 750kg, no problem, you wouldn't even know the trailer was there.

There are comments about heat from the fire wall. I had that, but it went away about 5000k.

I would suggest any Aussie soundo after a van - go look at it.

Here is a road test link.http://www.drive.com.au/new-car-reviews/ldv-g10-first-drive-review-20150806-gisxy3.html?eid=cpc:nnn-15omn0938-optim-nnn:google_adwords-bau_paid_search_campaign-dom-textad-nnn-drive-nnn&campaign_code=15caf041&promote_channel=sem&utm_source=google_adwords&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=bau2015&gclid=CMeCgsT17ccCFdclvQodNiAI_g

I did a little country road trip a while back in my cousins Peugeot 308 - 2 litre turbo diesel, auto.

Now that's a car I would love to own...





G1o At cabins_03_resize.jpg

G1o At cabins_04_resize.jpg

G1o At cabins_05_resize.jpg

Peugeot 308.jpg

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Timely thread.

My 2006 Volvo V70 wagon is looking like it will be totaled at the moment... it has been perfect for my purposes. Fits a Magliner hand truck sideways. Also fits a Backstage Mag Mini folded (wheels aligned with the car's), which takes up less than half the cargo space even without folding the back seat down! This is great, because I can leave the kids' seats in the car, and still fit a lot of gear.

Been looking around for a replacement. Element is one I have been looking at, and I cannot understand why they discontinued it either. Everyone that I have talked to, that drives one, loves it.

Also looking at Ford Escape or a Mazda CX-5, but haven't driven any of them yet.

Maybe I'll look at finding another used V70... sigh.

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The Honda Element is indeed an awesome car. It was unique and extremely functional. Unfortunate that they killed it. Finding one in good condition with lower miles is no easy task in 2016. Most of the people who still have them don't want to get rid of them!

I wish we still had the Passat wagon in the states! That stopped a while ago too. Volkswagen is coming out with the Golf Alltrack, a 4 wheel drive wagon based on the Golf Sportwagen. At 66.5 cubic ft of cargo with the seats folded down, it bests the Mazda CX-5 cargo by 2 cubic ft and is only 7 cubes shy of the RAV4. And it's space comes from its length, not its width, so it should be able to swallow up my cart pretty nicely. I've had my eye on that for when it hits dealers in October.  I do too much regular driving to just have a van. As much as I do want a real cargo, I just don't think it would work for me now. 

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For the short amount of time I was doing production work in LA (bag based work) I got everything into my WWII Swiss army pack (the thing was cavernous. I could get about 5 days worth of clothes in it if I packed light), and I rode my motorcycle everywhere...but this was LA where driving took forever and I could split lanes and I could ride year round. I would get to the gig and people would be amazed at how much gear I could haul around on my back and not have a giant hiking backpack. It was like I was doing a magic trick pulling gear out of the thing. The only downside was is if I was on a gig that required a lot of XLR cables this wouldn't work (when I was doing a lot of sound effects recording). Then I used my 2007 Nissan Quest, which I still have as a family hauler and it's still running great to this day. 

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Same as Jose, I have a RAV4. With the back seats folded my cart goes right in along with the other gear cases. With the rear seats in place, a run-n-gun config fits in the back covered section totally hidden... though the dark rear tinted windows are difficult to see through from the outside anyway,. at least on my RAV4 L.

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I normally drive a Toyota Sienna mini-van. For audio, it is a bit overkill, but I also used to haul camera gear around, and I still haul drums and PA equipment around when I do music gigs. It's also great when we have the grandkids. We also have a Toyotal RAV4, which is really versatile with being able to lay down the back seats. I also used a Subura Legacy wagon a few times while on a previous corporate job and liked it very much.

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