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    On a gig Monday morning, I jammed two Denecke JB-1 sync boxes. They're probably the tiniest -- and I'm thinking maybe the most accurate -- sync boxes currently available. Wednesday evening I realized that I had left them both running. Not a problem, of course, as their battery will last about a week. So, two-and-a-half days in I compared them to each other. These are two units bought at different times from different vendors. After running for 2-1/2 days they were within seven tenths of a frame of each other. This morning -- yes, three days running -- I compared them again and they were only 85/100 of a frame apart. Accuracy, reliability, great service, and friendly personnel are all among the reasons I say: "DENECKE ROCKS!"
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    A lot of what you “have heard”, and what you read on the interwebs, as well as what others tell you here, may or may not apply to you. I would suggest renting some or all of the above to try before you buy. The only way to find what you like personally is to try them and listen for yourself. Things like mic placement and gain staging are more important than which brand of mic used. Skills, or lack there of will make way more difference than which one of the 50 vs the 41, DPA vs Sanken etc is “better”.
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    Unless you're Dick Van Dyke, than absolutely not.
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    A well kept secret is that all boom pole manufacturers sell better quality versions of each of their products to well-established pros than they do to beginners. If you want verification of that just compare a pro using their K-Tek Classic to a newbie using theirs. The newbie’s pole positions the mic off-axis, tends to not get consistent pickup, and has a great deal more handling noise.
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    Picked mine up yesterday. Had a quick play with it today. Initial thoughts are it’s awesome. Will be going through it more thoroughly over the next couple of weeks prior to my show starting up soon. Seems very easy to get head around especially if you’ve used a 688. Many menu settings are very similar. Will be connecting up Dante to an Allen and Heath SQ7 to try that out as well. The LED show upon boot up and firmware update is very sexy. I haven’t plugged any signals into it yet but I’m betting it will sound great. Will report back but it’s pretty much an awesome beast.
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    For those of you who are curious, brown noise for mics is Brownian noise due to the motion of air molecules (Brownian motion). Sennheiser, years ago, showed that the noise floor of their RF condenser mics dropped when the mics were placed in a vacuum in a bell jar. Pretty damned impressive demonstration. Oddly enough, the young human ear is limited by Brownian motion. However, that has not been demonstrated in an evacuated bell jar. The only way to lower the Brownian motion noise, is to use larger diaphragms that increase the desired signal by the increased area and only increase the noise level by the square root of the increase of area. That's a reason why little tiny lavalieres don't have the low noise performance of large diaphragm mics. Johnson noise is the thermal noise in any resistor, even "perfect" ones, and at a given temperature, is inescapable. Good quality metal film resistors have noise levels very close to the theoretical limit for thermal noise. The only way to lower this noise level is to cool the resistor or device, sometimes being as extreme as using liquid helium. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
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    Because people do silly things. Most want to bolt from the chair the moment the interview is over. Saves a broken wire and reduces tripping hazard. I have a hard enough time just getting the boom out of the way before someone stands up into it. Not everyone knows to stay put until they have been de-wired.
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    I decided it was time to improve my power distribution; I've been running multiple power supplies for my F8n and 302 and want to simplify things. I also want to be prepared for more bag work down the road. I'm trying to save money for mic upgrades, so I figured this would be a good place to go DIY. To give credit where it's due, I got the idea for the BDS here: https://henrirapp.com/diy-hirose-battery-distribution/ And grabbed the power meter circuit from here: https://learn.adafruit.com/pro-trinket-power-meter/overview?embeds=allow The hardest part of all this was getting the dimensions on the 3d printed remote housing correct, but when all was said and done it came together pretty well- And here's the system in use. For most jobs I'm stationary, so I picked up a 12v PSU to run the system as it's configured in the video. For mobile use I can switch over to a battery and enjoy less power draw since I won't have the FRC and 302 running. All in all I'm pretty pleased- it took about $150 dollars in parts, and gave me several hours of fun building it!
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    Still like my PSC pole(s). Easy to take out the internal cable if you want to go without interior cabling. Easy to "straighten out"the cable as the top is removable and you can let the cable dangle. Kink free!
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    The term isn't "monolopy," it's "market saturation." Rycote holds the position they do because they recognized a need in our industry and developed products to fill that void. Over numerous years their innovations have helped move the state of our art forward. Rycote is among the many companies I hold in high regard for having diligently served our needs for many years. Thus, I feel it's unfair to label the company's products as "garbage," while, at the same time, it's certainly fair to seek out and deploy more advanced products.
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    While they might be fine, I call three strikes on "Really Right Stuff" boom poles: 1). I never heard of them before this thread. 2). Therefore, I don't know of any pro who has ever used one. 3). They chose a model designator (VMB) that is close enough to an established brand as to be confusing in the marketplace.
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    I did a Ambeo vs SPS200 comparison, and my impressions was very negative against the Ambeo, good for the price, but this was all. In my initial impressions I found the Rode much better than the Ambeo
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    All things in good time - see previous statements about X number of engineers and X+Y number of projects. There are actually several export markets - some are easier to comply with specific regulations than others so the easy ones tend to come first - Europe is a bit tougher to comply with and requires more engineering time. So the short answer is - No, Europe is not abandoned - it will simply take more time. Social obligations require that we keep these engineers securely employed and distracted from more dangerous ideas (in the interest of the security of mankind) so we have many more projects to keep them out of trouble and away from things that go "ka-boom"
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    Everything seems to be back to normal functioning. The last update had some problems, difficult to troubleshoot but I think it has been solved.
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    I am a bit confused by the "export version" just adding 6mhz more into the 600 band, but not covering the C Blocks, which are legal and used by me among others in Europe. Are we abandoned, and not able to slowly upgrade? Or is there another version for europe coming its way?
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    Back in 1999, I had at least four corporate clients who needed me to certify, in writing, that my past delivered CDRs and DATs would not self-destruct at Y2K!
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    These are roughly in the order of my own priority and what I feel other users have wanted the most please add and criticize at your leisure:) 1 Digital limiters on all Mix Busses AES and Dante inputs. 1a Dante Trim! 2 Wav File import for playback, remote recordings etc. uses listed below: Add non Cantar files to the Sound Report mostly just to allow us to add content from A10/PDR or other recorders and report on it. Replace track function for TC audio from A10 or PDR or other recorders that have time code synced recordings. ADD wav files of music to achieve sync music playback without having to pre record your music into the cantar. 3 Post Fade EQ EQ could be applied to the audio going to a bus not the audio on the ISO. Post Fade EQthat was only to make your mix better and not effect the ISOs would get used a lot more. 4 Colored character text/tracks to match your fader colors. Arm/Disarm during rolling(if not rolling compact Poly this should just be a quick firmware thing as it’s already recording blank audio) 5 FPS/sample rate/Bit depth displayed in the area circled in the attached image. 6 Linkable faders so that one fader can control multiple tracks not just inputs. 7 Make the slate mic input always active as a return with a setting: This would allow the use of an external comms box to serve all comms purposes and just take that feed from the SLATE MIC return. This would give us all the standard inputs for mission critical tasks. 8 Save report info per project so that when you go back to an old project it repopulates the sound report accordingly. 9 Very low on my list but auto mix/dugan of some sort. Cantar Mini Specific USB or AVB or Dante audio input/output on the mini some way to get computer audio into the mini without using analog or AES inputs. Output Delay! Users would pay a substantial amount to add Dante and output delay to the mini. Whether an add-on or a revision. If you added Dante to the mini you would out sell the Scorpio IMO FWIW.
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    Rumor has it, the Tentacle BT system/access points are about to be made public in form of an SDK (software development kit) so third parties can sync to/from it (or develop for it) over... BT.
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    I think nobody here thinks that 32bit gives us better quality audio, I totally agree that with gain levels set properly a 24bit recording will be indistinguishable.. The benefit is not better quality, but that with proper dual amplifiers and float encoding it's simply impossible to mess up a recording due to improper gain settings. Now if that is any benefit or just useless tech depends a lot on the intended use. Most sound production mixers probably know how to set levels properly (and take pride of it), but I can still think of occasions where simply never having to touch the trim knob could be useful (lavs, car drop, stunt scenes, unsupervised nature recordings, concerts that I want to enjoy rather then worrying about levels etc).
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    there are several SanDisk Extreme Pro CF cards, but two of the 64GB are on the approved media list: https://www.sounddevices.com/6-series-approved-media-list/ that said, personally I'd recommend to get some of the Sound Devices labeled cards for peace of mind since you never know. SanDisk has changed their controllers on their Extreme Pro 95MB/s SD cards some months ago for example (without changing the labels), breaking them for some devices, plus there are counterfeit cards floating on the market. chris
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    Zaxnet does it from far far away without having to ask production to halt for you. Downside producers think you are not doing anything.
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    I’ve always wanted Wingman implemented into a smart watch somehow. As a way to watch the meter while you’re booming.
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    On a gig Monday morning, I jammed two Denecke JB-1 sync boxes. They're probably the tiniest -- and I'm thinking maybe the most accurate -- sync boxes currently available. Wednesday evening I realized that I had left them both running. Not a problem, of course, as their battery will last about a week. So, two-and-a-half days in I compared them to each other. These are two units bought at different times from different vendors. After running for 2-1/2 days they were within seven tenths of a frame of each other. This morning -- yes, three days running -- I compared them again and they were only 85/100 of a frame apart. Accuracy, reliability, great service, and friendly personnel are all among the reasons I say: "DENECKE ROCKS!"
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    Syncing to Network time will not work for most US users that are tied to 59.94 hz clocks for timecode. NTSC timecode (29.97 or 23.976fps) does not run in real time. You can jam to a network clock when you first turn on a TC generator, however unless you jam all other generators to that one you will drift at .1 %. from Network (real time of day). By stating that Laptop or Computer clocks are not very accurate I believe the OP was referring to crystal of the normal laptop not being as accurate as most Temperature Compensated crystals used in all pro Time Code Generators. So long term sync between different free running devices will not be frame accurate even if they are both running at the same integer time base frame rate..
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    I don’t mind so much the bugs or “features” that come along with large updates. What annoys me greatly is being told “oh I’m not sure”, or “ask other mixers about it on Facebook”. When these problems are KNOWN. Just tell me you don’t know what’s wrong or you’re working on it, don’t pretend like there is some solution I missed.
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    The Go is completely useless, , as it starts dropping out within a few feet the minute you turn around and lose line of sight.
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    I own an mkh50 and recently bought a M310, the M310 has now become my main mic i use for interior dialogue..its a great mic..very RF resistant..
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    Working with 2 FS7 is what I do most of the time by now. I do jam from the 633 at least once per hour, or, if available use Nano Lockits on cams and mixer, jamming wirelessly from time to time. No complaints. Sometimes the tc i/o switch got switched during the shoot by accident. I "lock" it with adhesive tape.
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    I did a battery test with Lectrosonics PDR units (recording). Eneloop black (rechargeable) = 4 hrs Varta alkaline industrial (not rechargeable) = 2 hrs 15 min Varta lithium ultra (not rechargeable) = 6 hrs 30 min
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    That were 2 minutes of my life I never get back...
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    Now I finally understand why my doctors and mechanics were always so frustrated and short tempered with me. I asked the doctor for my appendix back when I was 11 after my appendectomy. I think he though I was joking until I insisted. I asked my mechanics if I could just watch them do the work. None said yes. FWIW I’m self taught in everything. I didn’t learn much from teachers before College. I couldn’t pass 10th grade Algebra but could pass college calculus. Go figure. I encourage your desire for knowledge and applaud your efforts. You started off well by finding this resource. JW is the best!
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    Nazi Germany was not "almost-capitalism". In fact, the Nazi Party is officially the "National Socialist German Workers Party". Socialism is in it's name. I don't want to just survive as a citizen, I want to thrive as a citizen. Only the leaders thrive in Socialism.
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    Perhaps a scaled down, lighter version for the weight conscious baggers out there, Karl
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    I ran with this idea and found a different version of this style - a little bulky but sturdy for my purposes. Added screws to handle to keep phones from sliding off and when folded it keeps phones safe. Room for all the bits and a playback speaker
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    Picturing two of these units feeding directly AES into my 788T sounds like something dreams are made of!
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    Thanks for your replies guys, really appreciate it! I’ve emailed Schoeps the same question and this was their answer. ”Hello VincentYou are right the microphones are mounted above each other and at the Cinela suspension this is realized with a slightly bigger space between the microphones. But we would not see this as a disadvantage. As you are pointing the MS basket towards your sound source the sound waves will still reach both diaphragms at the same time (as long as you mount them exactly one above the other). The same is given for sound coming from left or right. So the stereo image is correct. For sound from above or below indeed there would be some slight runtime error but this does not matter for MS, such a recording would require some 3D setup like our ORTF-3D system. Finally the only thing that you should take care for your MS setup are two things:- mount the diaphragms exactly one above the other- keep the basket upright during recordingKind regards, Bernhard Vollmer, Sales&Technical Support” That’s great, I will definitely go for the Zephyx system then.
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    I think that is one of Larry's April 1st messages that was simply posted late.
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    Surprisingly, I saw this piece on the Spanish newspaper “El País” (which is maybe the Spanish equivalent of The NY Times or The Guardian). https://elpais.com/cultura/2019/05/18/actualidad/1558186557_831686.html I haven’t heard of this movie, and I would have supported the Kickstarter campaign had I know. http://www.makingwavesmovie.com/trailer-and-other-links-2 Anyway, sounds really interesting. Hope to be able to watch it soon! Filmin, the Spanish platform specializing on non-blockbusters should carry it, they already have The Conversation and Apocalypse Now, it would even be possible to build a playlist about cinema sound.
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    Thanks Philip! I wanted the meter to give me a single place to check the voltage, and thought the mAh reading could be useful as I add gear to the bag. And also… because it looks cool! It was $25 in parts, I figured what the heck.
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    several smartwatches can control recorders and recording apps (apogee metarecorder, sony, roland, etc)
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    One is never going to be disappointed in buying an MKH40; it will serve you well and long! The only thing is that Richard has now got me thinking about this new MG 310! So thanks for the thread and notifying me of an interesting new mic! Cheers, Jez
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    Denecke is the ONLY timecode boxes or slates I’ve ever needed. The best products and the best customer service. Why go anywhere else?
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    i used a mkh 8050 and my m310 in parallel for a interview last week - my observations- mkh 8050 has mouch more deep bass, for booming sometimes to mouch and the typical sennheiser eq - ed sound that is working good for some voices for others not... m310 is mouch more neutral, i like it a lot but its also a little bit more open with the pickup, its also working better in my ms rig with a neumann kma 120. the m310 i used as a spot mic for orchester recording for the bass section, it was working good, better then the km 140s that i had for the rest of the orchester... the bass response of the gefell is nice and tide, mkh 8050 gets boomy very quick...
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    Not the worst not the best. If you have no TC boxes then jam the cameras (if they have the XDCA backs) from your 744 and then rejam them every few hours at least, if you can. If they don't have the XDCAs you can't input TC to the cameras, so then get all the devices onto the same rough time-of-day TC if you can (ie set their TC to a value), then start them all at the same time in free-run TC mode, and use a slate to mark the takes. Make sure you have a mic working on both cameras, that will help post sync to your files a lot. If you don't have a real slate a steady hand-clap, full frame and in focus, will work. Keeping some notes about what take is at what audio TC will help them too. If they have audio-to-audio sync capability in post (like PluralEyes) they can try that too.
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    Is Innovativ the only co making case-carts like this? And are these guys using bespoke (copied) hardware or off-the-shelf stuff (latches, wheels etc) that anyone could buy?
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    Reaper writes the timestamps to the wave files if you have "Write BWF (bext) Chunk" selected in project settings.
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    I normally wouldn't jump into a thread where users are asking other users about a particular piece of gear, but since Jeff and Glenn from Zaxcom (a direct competitor) jumped here, so will I. Based on the comment above from Glenn from Zaxcom, I believe Audio Limited (and Sound Devices) have very different philosophies when it comes to audio performance. For applications using the A10 wireless, users are not limited to solely (speech) content generated by an actor. Audio sources on the A10-TX are not limited to bandwidth-limited lavalier microphones designed for speech. We regularly see users connect high-performance condenser microphones to the A10-TX for speech and other sources, including sound effects. The A10 system operates at 44.1 kHz internally, and the system has linear response to 20 kHz. As Glenn mentioned, fitting digital data into the limited RF spectrum is a challenge, and a balance needs to be found. The A10's 44.1 kHz sampling rate was chosen specifically because it saved a few percent of bandwidth versus a 48 kHz system. 32 kHz audio sampling (16 kHz bandwidth) was a compromise Audio Limited didn't want to make. Remember that the microphone preamplifier and A/D converter at the wireless transmitter may well be the only preamplifier and A/D in the entire audio chain. That is a benefit of digital. Audio Limited recognized that and didn't want to compromise audio performance.
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    Also Chris, tin (presolder) that steel wire before you try soldering it to the center pin. The steel wire will take much longer to solder and you don't want to destroy the insulation around the pin. Another also: clean all the oil off that wire if there is any and you might use a mild soldering flux on just the wire before you tin it. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
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    I don't care what number RX they use as long as the whole sequence is in the shoe-rack at the end of the day. It's a fast way to make sure of the count. I love producers who say that my gear used by others is still my responsibility. Are the costumes and props used by actors their responsibility? Guess again.
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